YouCube – A Community Building Art Project

I recently participated in an event organized by Victoria artist Cathy Key called YouCube.  Artists from ages 5 to 67 joined together for community, creativity and inspiration.  My kind of event.  108 artists in total took on the challenge to paint a cube, and in the process considered 6 reflections.  These are the questions posed and my response for each:

1. What stops you?

2. What inspires or nourishes you?

I’m inspired by a lot of things.  But lately, the writings of Joseph Campbell have my attention.  I’ve recently taken several DVDs and his book, “Hero of a Thousand Faces” out of the library.  And I can’t wait for the movie “Finding Joe” to hit theaters here in Canada. (Lucky you in the US – it opened Sept. 30  Go now and see it!)  This includes several Joseph Campbell quotes and an image from the movie’s site:

3. Who or what has had a negative influence on your life?

4. Who or what has had a positive influence on your life?

I am fortunate to have parents that provided an incredibly positive and stable environment for me to grow up in.  To this day, my dad is full of stories that uplift anyone who has the patience to listen.  One of his long time quotes he often shares is, “You’re A Long Time Dead”  Translation: Carpe Diem!  Don’t wait to do the things you’ve always wanted to do….get doing them now….why?…because, You’re A Long Time Dead, of course.

5. Create a self portrait

Funny…..I’m always so much skinnier in my self-portraits!

6. What is your biggest dream or aspiration for yourself and/or the world?

I  am encouraged by and a bit in awe of the work of Brene Brown and have shared her work often with corporate groups I have presented Wellness  Workshops to.  She is a researcher and story-teller who looks at  shame, empathy and vulnerability (to name a few), and found within her years of research that vulnerability was both at the root of shame, fear and anxiety, and it was also the birthplace of connection and joy, creativity, and love.  I believe her work to be a profound insight for us all, and so I wanted to reflect that here:

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