Would You Kiss These Lips?

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Well….look at that grinning face…would you kiss him? I’m trading kisses at Artfest next week!…Well….Fish kisses, that is.

I have been having an absolute riot making these little babies for trading at Artfest. I’m taking some artistic license with the theme, which sea monsters. I figure even sea monsters need friends…and as we all know now, “Fish are friends, not food!” So, I’m making sea monster friends in glass – and kissing ones no less! I tell you, I’ve never giggled so much and so long in my studio while working as I have for this little project. As soon as the eyeballs and then the lips go on, I’m howling at their quirky little personalities that just instantly light up. Each one is completely unique. Such fun.
If nothing else I think I now have sufficient training in creating kissable lips, I might consider applying as a surgeon in Hollywood. What do you think?!
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11 Responses

  1. aimee

    Oh those are precious!!! Angelina Jolie has nothing on these little smackers!!! LOL

  2. hiddenart

    I love them. How fun!

  3. m i c h e l l e

    Cheryl…these are SO cute! I’m gonna be looking for you at ArtFest so one of these sweeties will get to come home with me! 🙂

  4. Michele

    Quite kissable – and what great personalities!
    Hope to trade with you at Artfest,,

  5. amyrehnae

    Too cute!! I hope to trade with you at Artfest! An octopus for a fish…only at AF!! See you in a few days!!

  6. Nicole Austin

    these are so sweet and unique! i hope to run into you for a trade at Artfest! 🙂

  7. Centavo

    Cheryl, I do hope I meet you before all your fishes have been traded. I absolutely love them.

    Penny Raile

  8. SirenOfTheDeep

    Extraordinarily adorable, indeed!

    Will be one of the many hoping to swap trades with you, in just a couple of days’ time!!!

    Best wishes for an Amazing ArtFest ’09!

  9. Charlene and Scott

    Hah! Cheryl, what a riot. I can see you giggling as you make them. I hope you take pictures or save a few for the lake!

  10. HappyDayArt!

    I am so happy I got one of those little fishies purely by seredipitous means. The funny Welsh lady that came by our house asking for trades to make sure she got some fishies. And then to top it off I got to meet you in person at the clothing shop on our way out of town. Yippee! I love that little fish. Thank you.

    Catherine Witherell

  11. Cheryl

    Hey, thanks, Catherine! Glad you like the fish. It was fun to bump into you too. Look forward to next Artfest. By the way…..I LOVE your birdhouse pendants – they are absolutely wonderful!

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