Where Oh Where has that Little Girl Gone?

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OK, I know the tune is about a little dog…..but in this case the little lost one has been me!  Just busy with one project after another – so lots to write about, and no time to blog.  We’ve had Annie Rouseau here with the Painting Experience a couple weekends ago.  Great experience!!  And then last weekend the group I paint with on Mondays had an art show.  This is me posing with one of my paintings. 

Now, I’m busy with a presentation that will be delivered in Istanbul next week – so exciting!

However, in this stolen moment I thought I’d share how one of my summer sketches was transformed into a card for the show last weekend. 

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  1. Mark Kwasny

    I love your work. The color and lines… all come together so nicely. Thank you for sharing your EDM work!


  2. Veronica Funk


  3. Ivan Chan Studio

    There ya are! 🙂

    Good to hear from you, and I know that feeling about having so much to write and no time to blog!

    All in good time. Beautiful piece with the sandals and writing, too–inspiring!

    Take care,


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