Where Did My Art Come From – 2

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I have long had a fascination with the written word and with beautiful lettering. So, much so that in my teens I began collecting and saving poems and quotes for using later in calligraphic work. And, before I ever owned a proper calligraphic pen, I was attempting to create a poster from a poem I loved with lovely script lettering….all with a regular felt pen. After that experience, I actually spent three entire days in a library going through back issues of Readers Digest looking for the “Quotable Quotes” page and copying the whole thing by hand. I’m still a quote junkie now. My Dad, who is not known for doing his own gift shopping, noticed my fascination and orchestrated the purchase of a calligraphy pen and paper set while I was still in high school, and I went on to create the program and place cards for over 300 people who attended our graduation. I still can’t believe I never opted for a single art class in high school! Crazy. Of course, eventually I did take several calligraphy courses from a number of artists who belong to the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild in Calgary.

While I don’t really do much calligraphy anymore, words and beautiful letters do manage to creep in to my work on occasion whether it be a painting or a piece of jewelry. (This piece to the left is part of a larger wall hanging collaborative project I did with a group of people.)

Perhaps I just always feel like I have something to say, (those who know me certainly wouldn’t argue with that!),,,,a soap box to get on, or a deep desire to inspire in some way, or to provoke reflection. I’m not sure, but I do know I love words in art and have been recently inspired by others to look at incorporating that more in the future.
More on that tomorrow…..

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  1. Veronica Funk

    I am so happy to read these posts (finally!)…whenever you send out an email I think "This is what she should be blogging about…everything she's thinking of"…I also designed my high school grad program.

  2. Cheryl

    Thanks, Veronica. Yup….it's all in there, hidden in my noggin. I just need to sit still long enough to get it all out. That's cool to find another shared experience.
    Glad to see that someone is actually reading this too!

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