Where Did My Art Come From – 1

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My good friend, Michelle has been writing a great series in her blog about where her art came from. I have enjoyed reading about her journey so much that I thought I might just be a copycat, although I doubt whether I will be as thorough as her in telling the story. However, the occasional post or two reflecting on this topic I thought might be just as enjoyable and certainly meaningful for me as perhaps for the occasional reader.
This is my Dad, working away on a piece at the last Emma Collaborative. I’ve been following him about and hanging out with him since I was old enough to do so. And, consequently I ended up trying most of the crafty things he did. It started with cutting and polishing stones, then a silversmithing class, then painting the signs on his stock car, and then blacksmithing. I’ve tried wood turning a time or two which is one of his loves. If nothing else I managed to pick up his, “jump-in-and-dig-your-way-out” attitude when it comes to attempting a new thing….which is probably how I’ve come to enjoy so many different creative mediums. I’ll try anything once!….which, come to think of it, is probably a line I heard from him too.

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