Still Painting

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Despite all the other things going on right now, and thanks to my Monday afternoon painting group, I do still manage to have a paint brush in my hands for at least a few hours each week. Without this lovely group of women (and Keith) in my life, I wouldn’t have the discipline to keep at it. Too many other things seems to be “more important”. Not sure why the priorities get so skewed like that. But regardless, I am grateful for the fire under my butt afforded me by my painting buddies. I’ve got a couple paintings on the go here, this one is a 36″ square large mandala-to-be honoring the earth. This is just the background so far. Not sure that much of it will still be visible after I add all the elements….perhaps a shame, as the colors are so vibrant and rich. Dan (my husband) thinks we should hang it in our bedroom as it is. Hmmm…..maybe another like it is in order. Anyway a WIP it is at the moment

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  1. Michelle

    I can see why Dan would love it as is. So bright and organic in form. Easy to appreciate on its own.

    Sometimes simple pieces like this (even if it isn’t done) can convey a ton of information to the viewer.

    I am interested in seeing where you take this.

  2. Veronica Funk

    WOW! You did good. The canvas looks terrific, the floors are incredible (maybe you should come and do mine…ha ha ha), and your self-portrait is definitely heading in the right direction. I’m really glad to see your posts.

  3. Cheryl

    Thanks, girls. You both are my inspiration to keep at this blogging, and by association keep at something creative each day.
    I am blessed!

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