Spiraling Back Out

I love that Flora uses the terms “spiraling in” and spiraling out”, referring to moving in to the canvas and getting lost in the details of the process and then moving back away to get a bigger and much different perspective.  This process parallels what is occurring for me in my work.  And what I recognize is that most of what I do is spent spiraled WAY in.  I often have Magni-Focusers on my head so that I can see minute details just inches from my nose.  So it is no wonder that a process that has me stepping way back and loosening up is a good challenge for me…and it has many uncomfortable moments.  The first few steps in this process were relatively easy as I did not have to make any sense of anything, but rather just get some layers of paint on the canvas.  It was fun.  Now I am getting to the place where I need to start making some decisions about where I go with this.  And I feel a bit perplexed.  I want to accomplish two things – to bring some of my own style and imagery (which is very precise and tight) into the process AND retain some of what I am learning in this new and very loose style.  I think I have quite the paradox on my hands.  These shots show week 3 and 4 in the Bloom True class:

Some details from this last painting that I am liking:



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