Sketching Practice

I’ve been busy mucking about in my altered book sketchbook drawing faces.  In all the figures and faces I’ve done, I realize that much of it, I am just making up.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes, not so much.  Which is why when I get to the face I often get nervous…worried that I will mess things up.  So, what to do?  Draw LOTS of faces and very quickly you come to get over the hang up.  This particular process is Jane Davenport’s method of drawing faces, and I do like certain things about it.  The process for building up the eye…and the lips…and the attention to highlights in particular.

Sometimes the eyes get a bit wonky, particularly when the head is turned, but I can see where the adjustment needs to be made now.  It continually amazes me how slight a change is required to make a significant difference in the look of a face.  Makes me really appreciate portrait artists who can capture a true likeness of someone.  The subtleties are so fine.  Back to practice, practice, practice.

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