Sketchcrawl Airdrie – June 21/08

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Well, we did it! And, it was a WE….not just me. A couple friends and I and our kids converged on Benjamin’s Coffee House right on schedule and painted and drew our little hearts out! So, we’ve now joined the rest of the world in this regular event. And, by all accounts we will do this again. Everyone said how much they enjoyed the relaxing time we had.

Veronica with her itty-bitty paint box continued her “painting-a-day” process. You can see the paintings she did on our crawl here. (and her next two posts as well.)

Veronica and her daughter busy painting and drawing in Nose Creek Park, our second and final stop on the crawl.

Examining the pochade. The little thing really is an attention getter – so cute and compact.

Me…hard at work…if you can call it that! Just busy playing really.

My final sketch at the park.

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  1. Margaret Ann

    Sketch crawls are sooo much fun…I had to do my last one solo…and it was just fine…but nothing beats the whole group together…nice results posted here! 🙂 It’s neat to know that on a given day their are artists all over the world doing the same thing you are…I am so fascinated by this! 🙂

  2. Luba

    What a nice sketch, and done outside, too!

  3. Cecelia

    Enjoyed looking at your blog. Looks like you had a great day. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does for the next one.
    We’re working way to the south of you, way down here in southeast central Texas. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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