$ 1,200.00

Original acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas.  40″x30″

Currently on display at Soluna Studios in Whippletree Junction, Cowichan Valley, BC



We’ve been taught that surrendering is giving up, yet it is one of the most courageous acts because it requires a mountain of faith.  We often struggle because we refuse to let go of our “death grip” on life; that illusion that we must control things in our environment in order to make them turn out the way we want.  The irony is that attempting to control life is the very thing that causes us grief…and when we finally realize this we need only muster the courage to surrender completely to the moment and to what is. The act of surrendering, of letting go of tension and worry, of relaxing into what is showing up creates a shift in energy that will ultimately help to move us forward in the direction we want to go….without all the heel dragging!

And, as usual, we often believe that we are making things happen by ourselves when in the act of surrendering we are held in the arms of the unseen and loved and cared for and supported in ways we had never imagined was possible.  New people and opportunities show up for us and if we are truly  awake we can see that all manner of miracles arise to support us.

Go on now…..Surrender!…how else will you know what is really possible?!

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