I Release You

$ 1,200.00

Original acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas.  30″x40″

Currently on display at Soluna Studios in Whippletree Junction, Cowichan Valley, BC




Every once in awhile a painting takes you to a place that you never anticipated when you began; the process itself drives you through a series of discoveries.  The discoveries are personal and surprising, and enlightening, and gut wrenching, and in the end comforting and revitalizing.  This painting was like that and many tears were shed by me and several people who were witness to its creation that occurred  over several months.

Like in life, there are very few moments of great clarity, wisdom and growth without going through some measure of discomfort or resistance or sometimes deep pain.  The beautiful thing is that when we have a willingness to surrender to the “struggle”; to the process, the insights arrive and we are then liberated from our own self-imposed limitations.  We discover that the old stories we have been telling ourselves are in fact BS.  With this new revelation we are released from those old made-up chains that bind us and keep us small.

“I Release You” is the story of letting go, of listening to Raven’s medicine…

Those who carry Raven medicine often have powerful, life altering visions at key points in their lives. Ravens are said to be fond of crossroads as that is where their energy can be utilized by those who are seeking a new direction for their lives. When facing a new path it is often wise to call upon Raven medicine to show you if that is the true and correct path for you or not. This is not to say that the right path will always be easy, for Ravens in their role of guardian and protector of all they survey are often called upon to help set something right or bring it back into balance. Ravens also teach us how to journey into the void where all possibility lives. If you look into the eye of a Raven it is the gateway between this world and the next, the place where all of our hopes and dreams live. Raven knows how to carry us there and shows us the proper path to return so that we may manifest that which we have found in the void. Moving into the void and returning to one’s reality also brings more awareness of how to deal with the shadows in one’s and others lives. Raven people are powerful navigators of the darkness, for their intuitive sense is so strong that they learn to rely on it rather than what is just before their physical eyes.”  – Lynx Graywolf

With Raven, we know that navigating our way through the darkness will ultimately release us from the mindset that put us there in the first place.  We are strong, can access our own intuition, and we can share our unique voice when we pay attention to the call…

…and when we finally do… the old story replies, “I Release You”

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