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Draw Your Life

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Wales artist, Michale Nobbs has written a great little ebook called Start to Draw Your Life.  His is an inspiring story of finding wellness and the book is a wonderful motivational lift.  And, the generous guy has made it available … Read More

Birthdays for Sisters

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For my sister, Ju….who’s birthday is today.  And, who amazes me for the dream she is living…even on the days it seems really hard. She is nothing if not tenacious…and I am proud of her.  Happy Birthday! Source: via … Read More


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So then….give us what you’ve got.  Even if it has been said before, it has not been said in your unique way.  Don’t cheat us of the opportunity to hear your song. Did you like this? Share it:

Why I make Goddesses…

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I often wonder why I am driven to make the kinds of things I do or paint the particular subjects or themes I choose to.  Goddesses, for instance.  Why that?  What to they mean to me?  Why do they shout … Read More

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