Never Stop Learning

Gifted with a perpetually curious mind, I am always enamored with learning something new.  And given that I have bemoaned my inability to loosen up when it comes to painting, I was thrilled to find that one of my favorite artists was offering an online version of her painting class.  Flora Bowley is a creative sage hidden in a young woman’s body; an old soul.  I know this now, having had the opportunity to participate in her Bloom True e-course.  The wisdom that she shares goes far beyond a painting process to uncovering the depths of our intuitive voice.  I marvel at this from such a relatively young person.  I share here the progress made so far on two large canvases.  While the process has been very enjoyable – intuitive play at it’s finest…it also has pushed my critical, analytical mind to take a back seat.  A good thing.  There really is no value in judging these canvases in the state they are in all along the way.  It only drives you nuts to try and make sense of them, to evaluate and make plans for where they are headed.  So, just as Flora encourages….we must “trust the process.”  Any attempts to critically examine, are a frustration…and an intrusion, quite frankly, on what is pure creative joy and abandon.

The first canvas began with fluid acrylics dripped on and then sprayed with water and allowed to run.  Then we alternated with cool and warm layers.  The last layer shown is the addition of value contrast by way of white and black.

Canvas 1 – Layer 1
Canvas 1 – Layer 3
Canvas 1 – Layer 4 – Adding Value contrast – Black and White

The second canvas began with a blind-folded painting session to music, painted with our hands.  Subsequent layers followed the same process as above.

Canvas 2 – Layer 1
Canvas 2 – Layer 3
Canvas 2 – Layer 4 – Adding Value contrast – Black and White

And now the adventure continues.  Another layer to follow involves the addition of transparent paint.  And the next exercise has us digging out our sketchbooks.  Great creative fuel.  Many thanks goes to Flora and Beth of Do What You Love for bringing this creative journey to us all.  It’s not too late to join the fun – the next one starts June 11/12.  You can find more information here.

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  1. Carol Anne Shaw

    This is so cool, Cheryl! When I see you next I wanna check out your sketchbook. Using mine on a regular basis is such a challenge for me. Happy creating!

  2. Cheryl Bakke Martin

    Thanks, Carol Anne. You should see these paintings now! Well….I will post them of course, but wow they are pushing me WAY out of my box and comfort zone. Since the boys are home from school the next 3 days I have had them start a couple of canvases using the same techniques and I also started a third. Will be interesting to see where they all go. You are welcome to peek at my sketchbooks any time. I have several on the go of course. All are different in style. You must get over to the studio for tea some time. I’ll have to dig a path for you though…I’ve got SO much on the go at the moment! ;o)

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