Love Is All There Is

Love IsI hold that vision…that Love is all there is.

We live in very uncertain and frightening times…and often we feel there isn’t much we can do to make change or to help in some way.  It is most definitely a time to come together to care for one another as we navigate the turmoil… together.  In the Cowichan Valley, the Cowichan Intercultural Society is working to raise funds for Syrian Refugees.  There are several families that will be moving here to the island, and it is our small “village” of people that will help to make this all happen…a successful transition to a new home for many new refugees….and a loving and compassionate welcome.

We are all familiar with Gandhi’s words,

Gandhi quote

And, Albert Einstein told us,

Einstein quote copy

Clearly they both are trying to communicate the importance of our inner state in attempting to create positive change.  That inner consciousness…the essence of who we are is Love.  And the core of everything…is an energy…of love.  Using that word is a bit misleading since we have so much baggage attached to “love”.  But when referring to the energy of All That Is…it is a frequency…a feeling…an experience…a state of being…a resonance…a spaciousness.  At the innermost level, energy…LOVE… is all there is.  And…isn’t that just what the world needs right now…more love?!  So, if we are able to do nothing more than sit still for a few moments each day and make a conscious effort to be in a state of love and gratitude, we will have helped to move the planet one step closer to kindness and compassion.

I am dedicating myself to love….to being in a state of love, to sharing love, to spreading love.  I guess I always have…without really thinking about it.  I have this crazy need to put hearts on everything…to somehow infuse the things I create with this very energy of love.  Very few of the paintings, illustrations and jewelry I make are without a heart on them somewhere.  Might seem hokey…but it’s just me…and I’m learning to just go with that.

Perhaps the words of Rumi best share my thoughts,

Rumi Quote

Glass Hearts - Love Is All There Is

So, it is perfect time I release this line of glass heart pendants called, “Love Is All There Is”… it’s my wish for more love…for you, for those you care for, for the world… and a reminder to allow ourselves to BE just that….LOVE.

These are beautiful, one-of-a-kind original works made by hand on my bench-mounted torch using soft glass.  The steel bales are hand forged and protected with a gloss finish.  They come with either a neck cable or a stainless steel snake chain.

While our government is matching funds raised to help bring Syrian refugees here this year, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these pendants will go to support the Cowichan Intercultural Society as they work to settle the new Syrian families in our community. (More about that is covered here.)

If you live far away from Vancouver Island and would still like to receive one of these for Christmas…no worries…over night shipping is available….(I know a guy!) 😉


See the whole line here:

Love Is All There Is

(New hearts added each week as I finish them and get them up online.)


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  1. Jenny Nicholson

    I love your work and don’t think the ‘love’ thing is hokey at all! Thanks for this lovely website and all the gorgeous colours you put together with real words of wisdom.

    I can’t see any other way of contacting you, so I’m sorry that this is a reply on the bottom of your comments rather than an email – but I work in a drug and alcohol detox/rehab in the UK, and have a tiny budget of £20 for something for our clinic room wall. I really love your piece ‘Transformation’ (I really like the parallel with people in here being in a chrysalis turning into butterflies!) and wondered if you have prints of this available for that sort of budget (nearly $30)?



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