OK…Are you ready for something a little bit amazing?

Oh, who am I kidding…

How about an over-the-top, life-altering, paint-slinging, absolutely awesome-sauce retreat of a lifetime?!!  Yes?!  Then you are ready for…

OK, a little bit of background…
Here’s my take on retreats… Just. Plain. LOVE. Them!  Here’s why I say that…
I am a long-time retreat participant and leader.  When I (we) allow down time, and space to dig deep into ourselves, and engage in playful, creative activities and mindful reflection in the presence of other like-minded creative souls in beautiful sacred spaces…well hang on, ‘cause some crazy magic’s gonna’ happen!
It always does.
Big Ah-has occur, paths become clear, old shitty beliefs are released,  bodies and minds are rested, ideas are shared and challenged and supported, beautiful relationships are formed and the energy of the group coming together to share a common journey is unmistakably and palpably powerful.  The icing?…  combine that already extraordinary experience with teachers that move you, that stretch you to find your true voice, that push you to the edge… and over, so you can find out that you really DO have the strength to fly…well now, THAT is a retreat not to be missed!
Here’s the thing…
I am extremely fussy about who I choose to work with.  There are lots of instructors teaching beautiful techniques and processes, but there are very few who do that in a way that is truly transformational: intuitive, inspiring and ass-kicking in the most loving way.  I watch for these extraordinary folks.  And, I have been very fortunate to have a few teachers like this show up in my life, always at just the right time.  When they do, and when I am really wowed in some way, I inevitably look for ways to share their pot-stirring, amazing-ness with as many people as I can.


Yup…this is one rare bird people!
I was introduced to Jeanne when a friend shared a video of her painting.  I was instantly hooked!  Luscious color, energy and playfulness, fearless approach to her painting…I dove in and was immediately inspired.  And guess what?  The very next day she started HeARTSpace on Facebook – a beautiful place for artists to gather and grow and learn and soak up all the insights, and wisdom and encouragement Jeanne has to share.  This all was followed very shortly by a strong knowing that I needed to learn with her more deeply and that I should find a way to share that experience with as many as I can.  I listened, and started planning.

So, what is this HeART Retreat?

Well, it is an ART retreat for sure…designed with love for all kinds of creatives.  But….it is SO much more than that because living an artist’s life IS living from the heart.  Diving deep into the heart and discovering the truth there is the real work of being an artist.  This is what allows our “why” to bubble to the surface to influence our artwork, our purpose, our message….well…our whole life really.  This is an extraordinary way to approach the work of an artist, and it’s how Jeanne has built her career.   
Ever wondered why there is such a buzz around Jeanne’s stunning work…aside from the obvious beauty?  It’s all HEART!  There’s love and wisdom and truth that comes from the deepest part of who she is.  Unearthing that is magic!  And, it’s where we will go together!
It is also fully a retreat experience.  Getting out into the fresh air in some of the world’s most gorgeous places is soothing to the soul.  Time for quiet solitude in the early morning, diving deep in the daytime with our art making process, taking moments to walk or hike near ocean or lakes, and evenings resting, star gazing and connecting with one another…makes this truly a very special experience that’s not to be missed.  Oh…and did I mention there’s a massage and other lovely surprises in it for you too?!  Yes, all the soothing and stretching and energizing and renewing we can stuff into one extraordinary week.

I’m in!

I sure don’t want to miss this!

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What does this wonderful week look like?

What is included in the cost of the retreat?

While the agenda will never be set in stone…this just isn’t condusive to the way Jeanne teaches, we do have a rough idea for how the week will unfold.  Of course we will remain open to the needs of the group, to intuition and to the natural flow of the time we spend together.  Listening to our natural creative rhythms will always guide the process for the week.

Sunday, Aug. 16:

Arrive for registration, Opening dinner, and Evening gathering

Monday, Aug 17-Thursday, Aug. 20:

4 days of Jeanne and her magic during the day – 9am-5pm
Open studio all evenings
Time for meditation, journaling
Evening fires with star gazing and epic conversations
Ocean walks and lake hikes

Thursday evening – closing gathering for those leaving in the morning.

Friday, Aug 21.(Optional Bonus “Business” day):

Jeanne’s Business Magic:  Ready to launch that art career? – A shortened day devoted to next steps, particularly focused on the business side of art, taking into count the future of AI. (9am-4pm)

Friday evening – Final closing gathering

Saturday, Aug. 22:

Breakfast and early departures to the Victoria inner harbor for shopping and site seeing (travel schedules dependent)

Well…Everything!  Except your supplies of course.  A supply list will be sent upon registration and links will be included to purchase from Opus Supplies in Victoria at your option.  We will arrange to have your order at the site upon your arrival.

4 or 5 days of Jeanne’s magic teaching.

All meals and snacks are included from Sunday Aug 16 dinner to your departure morning breakfast (Either Friday or Saturday)

All the activities during the week – class, massage, morning meditation / yoga, hikes, swimming, use of fitness room.

All accommodation – either 5 or 6 nights.  We will be staying in a brand new dorm just renovated this spring.  All rooms sleep 4 in 4 single beds.  (Not bunk beds).  However, you have a choice of staying single, double or quad occupancy and prices change accordingly based on your selection.

Transportation from the Victoria airport or ferries if needed, and on departure, transportation will be to Victoria City Centre where you can store your bags and enjoy shopping and sightseeing in the beautiful harbor. Shuttles are available to take you back to the airport as required.  (Shuttle service costs are not included.  We can assist with alternate arrangements if this does not meet your specific travel plans.)

New Option:

Non-Residential – Included is Registration and opening night dinner and activity, lunches only through the week (4 or 5 days depending on your choice of how many days you are with us) and dinner and closing activity on your last evening.  Please Note:  This option does NOT include a massage given that fitting in time for that will be very challenging when staying off-campus.  It can be arranged for additional cost if that is your preference.

Tour the beautiful Pearson College Campus

We will enjoy the gorgeous ocean front campus of Lester B. Pearson United World College, located on the west coast of Canada at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, 29 km west of the city of Victoria, the capital city of the province of British Columbia. Set by sheltered Pedder Bay on the wooded hillside shores of the Pacific Ocean, the campus provides a stunning environment for our creative retreat.

  • Pearson-arial-e1426020583763 Pearson College Campus Aerial


  • Pedder-Bay-e1426020708164 Pearson docks on Pedder Bay


  • 10562966_691325557623619_5967232574085010491_n-e1426021110611 Dining


  • bread-oven-e1426020884910 Wood-fired bread oven Wonderful home-made treats are cooked here for us.


  • Spiritual-Centre-e1426020770700 Totem at the door of the Spiritual Centre


  • 1003158_487830361306474_598786024_n-e1426021613270 Stillness with a view!


  • F78545A9ED5A02D0-e1426021020918 Stillness with a view!


  • path-to-dorm-e1426020623465 Pathway to the Dorm House


  • 61419_487833231306187_264182347_n-e1426021653916 Creativity in Nature…Bliss!


  • 528087_321797114576467_438094415_n-e1426021350786 Walk to nearby ocean beaches…


  • 314746_321797204576458_833605044_n-e1426021716977 …and trails throughout the campus.


  • 532290_321282444627934_1489726411_n-e1426021478359 Ocean view conversations…


  • 529146_321796877909824_1352836385_n-e1426021400695 Wonderful spots to sit …and connect


  • Pearson2-e1426022027607 Join us for the HeART Retreat experience of a lifetime! Register Here!


The College’s cedar buildings are clustered on 75 acres of old-growth rainforest, positioned for minimal impact amidst endangered Garry oak and coastal Douglas fir ecosystems. The landscape is home to deer, eagles, songbirds, sea otters, seals, waterfowl and other wildlife, including the occasional visiting whale. The climate is among the warmest in Canada.  The Pearson College campus gives participants a comfortable place to call home during the week, while also offering some of the most beautiful wilderness to be found on Canada’s west coast.

Accommodation at the College is provided in four West Coast Modern “houses.”  Each house has a common room with a small kitchenette, full bathroom and shower facilities, as well as washers and dryers for laundry.  The campus is also home to an indoor, 25-metre heated pool and exercise room with workout equipment available for our use.

The dining hall offers gorgeous views of Pedder Bay and the Pacific Ocean. With a wraparound outdoor seating area, campus residents are often treated to views of otters playing on the docks and eagles landing in the Douglas fir trees. Kitchen staff prepare fresh and healthy meals daily, and are able to accommodate specific dietary needs. A salad bar is available at each meal, and the College’s greenhouse garden supplies some of the vegetables for good local fare! As well, we will enjoy tasty home-baked snacks throughout the day.


This sounds like heaven!

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What’s the big stinkin’ deal?  Why so special?

Perhaps this is best explained by those who have experienced Jeanne’s workshops:


Kim Fisher-Anctil

Painter & Tattoo Artist

“When I was at the September Retreat I had great hopes and expectations. I wanted a BIG change to happen, not just to my art but to the inner me. I found that and so much more! I’m now pursuing my dream/goal of being a tattoo artist in addition to a painter … this spark, this renewed dream, came about during the retreat. I’m forever changed as an artist and person … and forever grateful. ”


Ardith Goodwin

Artist & Teacher

“Heading into Jeanne’s workshop last week I really thought it was just an art workshop. In more ways than I can explain here it was so much more, so beyond more. There was an energy there that was palpable, about why it is so deeply important to know and be the artists we were created to be. There were uncomfortable moments, in the best way, hilarious moments in a gut wrenching way, and threaded through every moment was the deep knowing that we were loved, we were being held, and we were part of a divine purpose. Coming home…I have experienced more remarkable moments between strangers, more love between my passion for my gift and my kindness towards my self, and my sales and opportunities have kind of exploded in the last two days. Maybe this is the norm, maybe I am just riding an incredible wave of love, and maybe, just maybe, this is what it was really all about. Living a life as a creative is truly about seeing the beauty in the faces around us, and celebrating that connection through paint or sculpture or voice. I am so deeply grateful for choosing to sacrifice and take that bold leap to go…and am a better person for it. My heart is full and life is beautiful in this moment.”


Lianna Vigil

Artist & Creative Consultant

“I can’t begin to tell you how you transformed me! When I signed up for the April class I wished I could be an artist. I signed up for personal fulfillment and decided it was worth it even if I didn’t participate in the business part because I knew I couldn’t be an artist. But somehow you got me questioning why not? So now I believe that I am an artist who is on the way to becoming a professional artist. You can’t imagine what a change that is to my whole mindset. It’s so big my head is still spinning. You have transformed the whole basis for my reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Sarah Hall

Spiritual Activist, Artist & Teacher

“What’s a Jeanne Bessette workshop like? I received from Jeanne what I came for, what I was willing to risk, what I was willing to pour out, reveal and be seen. That thing, whatever is was for me, was different for each of us in the room. And that will also be different for each of you. Isn’t that beautiful?! It’s not a cookie-cutter, blow-smoke-up-yer-arse, give-ya-a-gold-star kinda thing. Rest assured, Jeanne’s work with you is exactly what you need…your workshop experience will be unique because YOU are in it! What is a for certain is that you will be seen. And heard. And pushed. And if you ask to be pushed Jeanne will honour that. If you don’t, Jeanne will honour that too. I suggest asking for it both barrels, it will be done with a bold heart and love. Oh, and I will be friends with my fellow painters for the rest of my life.”

And what does Jeanne say about her workshops?


“I’m blown away…”

“I’ve been blessed by the hearts of the most soulful geniuses this year. When I decided to begin teaching I never dreamed my workshops would turn into such deeply moving heart healing soul finding events. I honestly thought I was going to teach people how to paint. I have said in the past that I do not teach people how to make art, I teach people how to be artists. I don’t teach artists how to make money. I teach how to live an abundant life. I don’t teach how to run an art business, I teach self worth and inner sanctum which translates to a successful and full life. Some of these words have manifested into my workshops over time as I had no idea what my capacity for love would be in this work. One artist stated that my workshops are not really art workshops but art is a component of them. She is calling them heART workshops. I’m completely blown away by the capacity that these events are capable of holding. We painted, we danced, we talked about the energy of money, we painted some more, we healed some old wounds, we ate ( too much) we sat around the fire pit and talked about our journeys, we cried…( well I cried….I tend to do that) We laughed way more than some remember laughing…we shared our hopes and dreams. We made lifetime friends. They now have a wind in their backs and are ready for the next step in their lives and careers. I will never be able to express the gratitude I have for these people who come with trust for my work, hearts open brushes in hand…I’m blown away.”

Who is this retreat for?

What is the cost of this incredible experience?

Well really it is for all creatives.  Yes, there will be mostly painters, but also others working in their own medium.  Sculptors, Illustrators, Carvers, Calligraphers, Digital Artists, you name it…If you can bring it with you, then this retreat will work for you.  Get immersed in your process with your medium.  Be challenged to see it with new eyes.  Rethink how you perceive your art and your relationship to it.  This is all about what it means to be a creative person and how to live an artist’s life from the inside out.  You can be at the very early stages of your artistic journey, or you can be a seasoned veteran…all will benefit in amazing ways.  It’s just THAT powerful!!

Please Note:  Only 20 spots are available!

This is an all-inclusive retreat…and an opportunity to work with Jeanne at an incredible price!  All prices are in US funds. A $500. non-refundable deposit holds your space.  Payment plans are available

4 Days/5 Nights – Single Occupancy: $2700.

4 Days/5 Nights – Double Occupancy: $2500.

4 Days/5 Nights – Quad Occupancy: $2375.

4 Days – Non-Residential: $2000.

5 Days / 6 Nights – Single Occupancy: $3240.

5 Days / 6 Nights – Double Occupancy: $3000.

5 Days / 6 Nights – Quad Occupancy: $2850.

5 Days – Non-Residential: $2450.



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