How to Journey

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My dear mom is living through the ordeal that is cancer and the cancer-machine that goes with it.  While the whole thing is incredibly difficult for her and all around her, I am far away and can do nothing.  I feel helpless.  And, if I let myself, I can get on my soapbox and rail against the travesty of our medical care in oncology.  However, I have come to realize that fighting AGAINST something, even this, does no one any good.  It doesn’t help my mom, and it certainly doesn’t do me any good.  My husband, Dan shared with me the wisest words…just LOVE her.  Really, that’s all I can do.  So I sit here, and love my mom from afar, hoping that through this journey she will come to find her deepest self and learn to heed that voice above all others.  And I try to keep my opinions about health, well-being, and the medical paradigm we live in to myself…albeit not too successfully.  I am very opinionated after all, so it’s a stretch for me to bite my tongue.
The most comforting and profoundly insightful resource I have found, I am listening to right now as I walk my dogs each morning.  And I am coming to realize that this story is not just about overcoming disease, but it a guide for life, for embracing our unique selves, for being love itself.

That is the story of Anita Moorjani who many are beginning to hear about.  I can’t say enough nor find the words to describe it that would do it justice.  I can only say that I wish everyone on the planet could read or listen to it.  It’s just that important and just that good….for all of us….and it is helping me to a place of peace and love above all else.  It is a how-to on this journey we call life.

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