How to create anything…without trying!

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“You’re not the creator of a painting…you’re the creator of the moment of being a painter…”  Profound words!  Sit back, close your eyes, and listen deeply.  Let the words sink in.

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  1. Caroline James

    Thanks Cheryl,….Interestingly I’ve been listening to Abraham for weeks in the studio. I picked up Ask and It Is Given about 5 years ago and have been a fan ever since.

  2. rawberto

    Stephanie introduced me to Phil and Mary in New Mexico. They do the recordings for Abraham. As we visited them they gave us a few of their recordings. As we traveled around Mexico I listened to the messages and was changed forever. This clip is a favorite of mine!! Thanks for sharing. Love Rawberto

  3. Cheryl Bakke Martin

    I do the same, Caroline. I have often been in the studio with a recording going. I have read and listened to Abraham / Esther Hicks for years….but sometimes forget the teachings. So, every time I am reminded, it’s like new “ah-ha” moments all over again. And, thanks to YOU Robert, for pointing this one out. I had not heard this particular recording, and as usual it came at just the right moment for me. I realize after listening and I have been a bit stuck in a “trying” mind-set for the past while….getting more stressed and anxious with each day. This recording just gave me an instant feeling of ease, kind of like releasing a pressure valve. So thanks for sharing the life changing moment too!

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