“Highly Prized…” (Part 2)

…a Sketchbook Challenge, Art Journal Treasure Box Step-by-Step Tutorial! – Part 2

(Part 1 is here)

Welcome Back!

Step 4

Now on to painting a background.  I decided that I wanted to paint a rainbow gradation of color over the entire box.  And, because that is much easier to accomplish if the lid is on the bottom of the box and painted together, I had to trim all the edges.  If you were going to paint the lid and bottom all one color or completely different, then I would leave all the trimming to the very end.  In my case this had to be done now.

On the lid, I simply and carefully ran an exacto-blade all around the edge to remove the excess.

Art Journal Treasure Bos - trimming the lid

On the bottom, because it was taped off, I cut all along the edge of where the tape was attached at the edge of the box lip.

Art Journal Treasure Box - Trimming the bottom

Once the cut was made all around the perimeter, I carefully pulled the tape and excess paper away from the box edge.  I then cleaned up both edges to be sure that they would fit together snugly.

Art Journal Treasure Box - Removing tape

Art Journal Treasure Box - cleaned up edges

All ready for paint.  Essentially what you have is a primed “canvas”, ready for whatever treatment you would usually do in an art journal.  Paint, collage, transfers, stamping, etc.  Anything goes!

Art Journal Treasure Box - ready for paint

Step 5

Now for some color.  Because I am thinking about the theme, “Highly Prized”, I think treasures, which leads me to rainbows.  A wonderful excuse to use every color of the rainbow – naturally!  So, I’ve laid out all my colors with a bit of glazing medium to help with the blending and I start at one corner and then progress across the whole box changing colors as I go.

Art Journal Treasure Box - painting 1

The first layer completed.  I often will repeat this process with another 1 or 2 layers until I’m happy with the blending.  Because I am using transparent acrylics, this also adds a bit of depth and richness

Art Journal Treasure Box - painting 2

I stopped at this point to open up the box and clean up any paint that might have seeped in around the edges of the opening.  Then, once tidied up again, for further depth, I decided to brayer on a deep purple to pick up some of the texture.

Art Journal Treasure Box - brayer

Then I added a layer of white with a cheap stiff dry brush.  This picked up the texture even more.

ArtJournal Treasure Box - highlighting texture

The white was a bit bright, so I toned it down with a very thin glaze tinted with purple.  This just kept the highlights from being too over-powering.  The finished background ready for text and images:

Art Journal Treasure Box - finished background

The finishing stages are in Part 3.

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2 Responses

  1. Annemarie

    I never thought of keeping the candy box. I get one every December from my secret pal at school. My husband would freak if told him I had a reason to save more stuff.

    I liked watching your step by step lesson.

  2. CherylBM

    Glad you enjoyed it, Annemarie. I know what you mean about saving stuff. Since we just moved, I got rid of most everything. The lesson for me was to save only those things that I could put into use fairly soon. Thus, this project. I wanted to “use up” things from Christmas. In my new (smaller) studio. Storage is not as plentiful.

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