Here’s Another “What The Hell Was I Thinking” Moment…

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We got an invitation to a wedding in the mail last Friday (a week ago).  The wedding was this past weekend….so the Pony Express mail must have had it stuck under the saddle for some time.  Anyway….the invite was a postcard with  an Owl and Pussycat and the words “O let us be married! too long we have tarried” – a line from the children’s poem.  The details of the wedding were on a website.
So, I prowl through the website and figure that this poem must have some significance for them, and I get this bright idea that I will do a painting for them as a wedding gift….rather than a boring old frying pan or something like that.  Ya, that’s right – me, who takes MONTHS to complete a painting.  Oh yes…..all this while I have  jewelry pieces I need to complete for a show this coming weekend.  Rolling your eyeballs and shaking your head yet?

I started it on Monday, did a bit more for a couple of hours each day this week, and this morning I had it all complete except for the line work.  I finished it this afternoon…..two days early!!  Miracles abound!

Cute, eh?

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  1. Susan Harris

    You could illustrate a children's book. That is so good!

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