Happy Birthday Beanacus!

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Today my youngest son turns…

Where in the world does the time go?  I often think about my own parents telling me to savor every minute with our boys because they grow up so fast, and I get that.  But, STILL, it goes by in such a blink!  I do love my boys deeply…even as they navigate these “awkward” years, attempting to push my buttons and turn me into a nag.  And, I struggle with this stage of pulling away into their own worlds of friends and school.  And, I also revel in it.  They are kind and smart and funny, and a bit jaded thanks to our parenting style perhaps.   And I love spending time with them.

Happiest Birthday, Kienan!!  Enjoy your last “preteen” year.

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  1. Charlene

    Yay Kienan! Have a wonderful day – we love you and can’t wait to come and see you this summer!

    Aunty Char, Uncle Scott, Spencer and Danika

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