Golden Moments

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Ahhh…lost in the holiday bliss and continuing to live as though we are on vacation here.  Just before Christmas we packed the family up and ventured west to the other side of the island near the town of Port Renfrew.  There is a lovely beach there where the locals surf.  In fact we met a few of those brave souls on the walk down from the parking lot.  Who knew you could surf in December in Canada?!!  Along the way, Dan captured footage and later headed to his studio to put together his latest video.  I’m so proud I just had to share.

Golden from Daniel Martin on Vimeo.

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  1. Veronica Funk

    OMG! That was so beautiful I wanted to weep. You certainly have made the right choice to travel west. Missing my art partner very much, though.

  2. Cheryl

    Thanks, Veronica. Ditto!! Was thinking of you just yesterday as I worked on one of the Airdrie 7 journals. Skype, girl…skype. You are just a 2 minute download away.

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