Fresh from the Studio: “I Love You To The Moon And Back”

Busy day in the studio yesterday.  I completed this new copper, glass and leather piece just in time for Christmas sales.  (Drop me a note if you’re dying to have  it before it hits the show!  I’ll have it up on Etsy too in a week or so.)

It wasn’t without a little trepidation and breath-holding though as I built the copper rivet to hold the glass heart in place.  Thankfully, it worked beautifully.  It began the day before playing around with flat, disc-like glass shapes.  And then continued yesterday forging the copper components once the idea found me.

Detail – focal and bale

All copper was then patinated and buffed and polished.  Finishing touches were added to the back of the pendant to add a bit of character from behind.

Detail – Clasp








I have this in my imagination….that some terribly romantic guy will be thrilled… (completely OVER the moon I tell you,) to find such a treasure to give to the love of his life…and tell her, “I Love You To The Moon and Back.”   *sigh*

Yes, some part of me is completely sappy…and that’s OK.

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  1. Jenay Carriere

    I love copper jewelry this is stunning.

  2. Cheryl Bakke Martin

    Thanks, Jenay!

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