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I have been awash in the busy-ness of Christmas shows, and for most of them I have been displaying my glass and metal jewelry work with the odd painting included for color and space.  But by some Divine fluke (my perspective), the last show I entered I found out only after I registered that I wouldn’t be able to show jewelry due to the number of other jewelry exhibitors.  Hmmmm….mild panic.  This is what the majority of my stock has consisted of.  So, to ensure that I had sufficient items to show, I knew I had to get painting and to have prints made of some of my work.  This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time but just had not got around to it.  I figure this is the Universe’s way of nudging me in a particular direction.  So, off to the drafting board I went.  With not much time, I decided to create this small series of tiny paintings.

"Shine Bright"

You Are LovedHome of LoveNamasteFairiespeace heart

Of course as I worked I got more ideas and decided to turn them into ornaments, along with the prints and cards I had done up.  And yes, I did end up pulling an “all-nighter” to get them done for the show.  Some things are hard to change I guess.

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