New Moleskin “Muddle”

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I bought a new watercolor Moleskin a couple weekends ago while visiting a dear friend on Vancouver island.  My intent is to have a sketchbook for all my “quick and dirty” sketches – you know, something to drag around always … Read More


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My sister has a new football team they are naming The Valkyries. For those not familiar with Norse lore: In Norse mythology the valkyries (Old Norse Valkyrja “Choosers of the Slain”) are female deities, who served Odin. The valkyries’ purpose … Read More

Sketchcrawl Anyone?

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I’ve been inspired by a number of things lately – Danny Gregory’s blog and books, several books on art journals, working on doing regular mandalas with the help of a mentor, and blogs that have led me to discover something … Read More

That Darn Dog

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We are very fortunate to have the most extraordinary little dog in our lives right now. Her name is Mollie. She is a border collie cross (we think crossed with spaniel perhaps), and she has the most wonderful disposition. She’s … Read More

Still Painting

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Despite all the other things going on right now, and thanks to my Monday afternoon painting group, I do still manage to have a paint brush in my hands for at least a few hours each week. Without this lovely … Read More

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