An All-Nighter

I haven’t “Pulled an all-nighter” since college days.  But it certainly shows you what you are capable of if you just decide you are going to do your part and “show up” and let the Universe handle the rest.  At 7:30 last night I had a blank piece of water color paper, some preliminary loose sketches to play with the idea, and I was working on the final sketches.

GTS Sketch 1

GTS Sketch 2

GTS Sketch 3
Close up of the page above on the right side.


From these I worked the ideas into a final sketch, including some further character development, and used these to transfer to watercolor paper.

GTS Final Transfered Sketch -Characters

Many sniffly hours later (I happened to be fighting a cold my dear son shared with me), I completed the painting stage.


From here, I popped in to Photoshop and did some minor touch ups to arrive at the final image I would use for my submission to Lilla Rodgers Global Talent Search.


While I certainly don’t recommend this way of working, I was happy with the end result and I am content knowing that I am still capable of doing what it takes to make a commitment to myself and my work.  Not my preference, but it can be done if absolutely necessary.  This time there was no way around it as I am just off 3 consecutive weekend shows in Comox, Victoria and two locations in Cowichan Valley.  Needless to say my time and attention was on producing and preparing for these shows. which left me with a start time for this project of Sunday evening and a deadline of Monday morning at 9am.  I performed aloud one of my favorite Elizabeth Gilbert moments when she addresses her Muse,  “I would please like the record to reflect that I showed up to do my part of the deal!”  I think my muse was right in there with me on this one!

And…at 6 am I headed for bed, satisfied that I did…show up.  Today I rest.  (sort of) 😉

By the way…if you are reading this and you haven’t seen Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on Creative Genius, please take a moment and see it.  It truly is one of my all time favorite TED talks, and one that I completely resonate with…this is the story of a creative life as I know it.

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  1. lizzie

    I would say your all nighter was worth it. The art work is absolutely fabulous

  2. CherylBM

    Thanks, lizzie!!

  3. Wendy Sehn

    Love it , light and playful…

  4. happinessheals

    Lovely blog, from a lovely lady! :~)

  5. CherylBM

    Thanks, Stephanie! <3

  6. CherylBM

    Thanks, Wendy! <3

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