All Fired Up Again

Well, finally I have my torch set up again.  I stopped to think about it and realized that I haven’t had my torch lit for almost a full year!  With travel early last year, then the decision to move which translated in putting life on hold to pack, sell a home and then set up in our new place, there just hasn’t been the opportunity to light the torch and melt something.  This past weekend Dan helped me to set up ventilation above my torch table and hook up my new propane tank.  Today I thought I’d see if my oxygen concentrator would throw enough pressure to work with my Phantom torch.  I did manage to get a decent enough flame to play with a couple pieces of glass I had laying around.

These two strips of glass were cut from a sheet and given to me by a fellow lampworker ages ago.  They are not compatible with anything other than each other, so I decided to use them up and get them out of the way.  Good for some practice to see if I remember how to work with glass!  Thankfully…just like riding a bike.  This is good given that I agreed to demo some off-mandrel hearts to the glass bead group here on the island at the next meeting.  Always good to know what the heck you are doing before you step behind the torch in front of eager onlookers.

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