Cheryl Bakke Martin

Welcome to Inspirations Studio and the work of Cheryl Bakke Martin

Cheryl is a lifetime artist and has been busy creating a variety of works longer than even she can recall.  Her Dad tells the story of her first pair of earrings made at age 3!  Through a life-long love, appreciation and study of the arts, she has found her own personal renewal in the studio and she delights in sharing that experience with others.

A busy mother of two boys, she combines time with family, and studio work with a focus on inspiration.  Thus, an art class with her isn’t just about the objects created, it is about discovering oneself and connecting that with meaningful creative expression….and it’s PURE FUN!

Her studio is located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, quietly hidden in the trees.  Her current active works include , Acrylic and mixed media paintings and illustrations, finished jewelry and wall sculptures that combine blacksmithing and other metalwork, color pencil, acrylic painting, kiln and flameworked glass, and beadwork.  She is co-creator of  “Wine, Women and a Paintbrush,” an event and retreat based program that provides creative adventures and connections for women.

“I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free.”

– Michaelangelo

Artist Statement

From an aesthetic standpoint, I am consistently attracted to vivid color which I believe is appealing to many as well as me, but further from that I like to challenge our perspectives on life, including my own.  In this way my art often has very deeply researched and thought through symbolism and is representational of some aspect of life.   I am infinitely curious about the meaning of life, about the origin of our existence and of consciousness and our search for Divinity within each of us, and I am often exploring these themes using sacred geometry, the golden ratio, mandalas and numbers.   Therefore, I read about quantum physics, philosophy of the Masters, various spiritual practices, the psychology of creativity, intuition and emotions and all of these things influence the work that I do.

I see myself as an artisan and craftsperson first, as I am drawn to use the tools – hammers, anvils, and torches I grew up with.  But it is the unique and varied ways to combine seemingly unrelated media, processes and disciplines that I find most engaging.  So, to choose one art form would most likely be the antithesis of inspiration for me.  As an example, what begins as a large painting, often ends up framed in miniature as a focal stained glass element for a piece of jewelry that combines with it lampworked glass and metalwork.  I am happiest when I move from my Spirit, working with the media and process that inspires me most in the moment.

I am always looking for ways to share, not only what I am thinking about through art but also the process of art itself as it is a source of balance, peace and healing for me and I know it can be very grounding and healing for others as well.  Because of this, each piece I create is one-of-a-kind and completed in a sacred way, mindfully honoring the Source of creative inspiration within me.  I believe it is this that connects others to a particular piece as it speaks to their Inner Self uniquely.  Similarly, the classes and creativity circles I lead are designed to engage people in a reflective, creative, and playful process that allows them to connect to their own Inner Wisdom and experience deep renewal and personal insight.

I look forward to sharing a creative adventure with you some day!

“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been.
You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is Yourself.”
– Alan Alda