A Momentary Relapse…or Spiraling WAY In

In the midst of painting all these big canvases and learning to loosen up I had the opportunity to attend a calligraphy class put on by our Warmland Calligraphers group.  The wonderful Barbara Close came to visit from California and shared with us her Textured Letters process.  So, I found myself with my nose just inches from the page yet again.  And, it is very apparent this is my comfort zone.  Feels like something I can do with my eyes closed….just SO familiar.  Now…if I could only figure out a way to combine the two!  Must work on that.

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2 Responses

  1. Debra Free

    That is the prettiest the B I’ve ever seen. So you have a whole alphabet like it? I like to use fancy letters I find online to write in my Bible journal each morning.

  2. CherylBM

    Thanks, Debra! We worked on several letters, each with a slightly different pattern/technique. These were a few of the ones I did that particular day. Look up Barbara Close’s work…you will find many more of her beautiful letters.

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