Art: The Language of the Soul

NO ORDINARY TIME from Jan Phillips on Vimeo.

Jan Phillips has a new book out that looks fascinating.  I haven’t read it yet, but I completely resonated with what she says about art and spirituality in this clip above.  She puts into words my own strong feelings about the role of art and about my own personal approach to the artistic process.  I know this much…art has the power to transform!  And, it’s why I create – both for myself and for those who will enjoy the work I do.  When it’s good, I know it just comes from that place in me where the mystery resides.

You can find her book on her website here.

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2 Responses

  1. jan

    DANNY AND i had an incredible workshop. he’s fabulous!
    and thanks for the support here! jan

  2. CherylBM

    That’s great, Jan! I didn’t know the workshop had happened already. I thought it was still coming up. Glad to hear it went well and you enjoyed his company. I’ll have to connect with him and see what he’s doing with it all now.
    Happy to support your great work. Timely and needed!

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